Recently discovered you are pregnant? Four reasons to see one of our dentists at Chelsea Green Dental

When you find out that either you or your partner are pregnant, booking a dental appointment is unlikely to be at the top of your list.

While there is a great deal known about how dental health can impact pregnancy, many patients are either too nervous or too busy to attend dental or hygienist appointments while pregnant. But, it is important that you do! Indeed, while you are creating new life, your body is going through a myriad of changes; your hormones are fluctuating, resources that were used elsewhere are being relocated to helping your baby to develop and of course, minerals like calcium are absorbed differently by your body. This will have an obvious impact on your teeth.

At Chelsea Green Dental, our dentist in Chelsea can help you through your pregnancy with top level oral health care. Providing everything from prescription mouthwashes to hygienist appointments, we will make sure that both you and your baby are kept in great heath and, once your bundle of joy arrives, we can help you with any post-pregnancy dentistry too!

But what are the dental conditions that are related to pregnancy, and how can our hygienist and dentist in Chelsea help you manage them? Read on to find out.

Acid erosion

In our day to day lives, we consume a wide variety of highly acidic foods. These are not always bad for us, and can involve things like fruit juices and even herbal teas. As we know, acid can cause minor erosion of the enamel.

However, during pregnancy, your teeth are exposed to higher levels of acid due to morning sickness; mix this with weaker teeth due to calcium absorption, and you have weakened enamel, Our dentist in Chelsea can alleviate issues caused by acid erosion, with prescription mouthwashes, toothpastes and fluoride sealants.

Pregnancy granuloma

A harmless complication of many pregnancies, granulomas are small growths that occur on the gum line, and are usually no bigger than a pea.

They often resolve by themselves post pregnancy but, if you notice that you have a painful growth in your mouth, it is abnormally large, or it is impacting on your eating or breathing, our team can remove it for you safely.

Gum disease

Gum disease is common in dentistry, but that does not make it any less serious.

During pregnancy, your body’s immune system can go into a kind of overdrive, causing it to react to things like bacteria more severely (after all, it is protecting you and your baby!) and so, issues like gum disease are more likely to occur.

Once again, our team can prescribe you toothpastes and mouthwashes to help minimise this, and can also provide you with a scale and polish.

Tooth decay

Weakened enamel, mixed with acid and calcium issues will often lead to dental decay.

Once again, our team will be able to detect cavities early, and may be able to resolve them with fluoride sealant. More severe cases may require standard fillings or a complete extraction.