Need a root canal to save a tooth? Five advantages of this procedure with Chelsea Green Dental

There are many dental treatments that are popular; whitening, veneers and even dental implants. Many dental patients prefer cosmetic options for obvious reasons; they improve appearance, boost confidence and can improve the well-being of individuals who have lost teeth.

However, in the dental field, there are a few procedures which, despite being functional, are not very popular. Procedures such as fillings, extractions and of course, the root canal.

There are many myths that surround the root canal, meaning that when a dental professional mentions it to a patient, that patient is likely to run a mile. But, what are the advantages of this feared dental treatment?

At Chelsea Green Dental, our dentist in Chelsea is able to help patients who need the more unpopular dental procedures, making the experience as comfortable and easy as possible. Our team will answer any questions you have about any of the treatments we offer and provide you with a high quality end result, which will last a lifetime.

So, why should you undertake a root canal if our dentist in Chelsea recommends it? Read on to find out!

Tooth preservation

There is a myth that a root canal is likely to cause issues with the tooth it is performed on.

However, one of the main benefits of having endodontics performed is that it actually preserves the diseased tooth. Once our dentist in Chelsea has removed the infected material from that uncomfortable tooth, they will cap it off with a crown, to restore your tooth’s previous strength, thus preserving it!

Pain relief

Of course, as root canals are usually performed on people who either have damaged or decayed teeth, they will often eliminate the majority of the discomfort.

While many dental patients believe that a root canal actually removes the root of the tooth, this is not true; our team will expertedly remove all the infected tissue from inside the tooth, and then clean it thoroughly to ensure we got it all!

Prevents infection spreading

Let’s face it; infections aren’t fun and if you have ever had a dental infection, it is likely you will be less than eager to have one again!

As a diseased tooth can cause an infection to spread, coming to our surgery for a root canal prevents this; as stated earlier, our team will clean the infection away and cap the tooth with a durable crown, so it is unlikely that tooth will become infected again.


If your infected tooth is at the front of your mouth, it is highly probable that you will want to keep it. A root canal is an aesthetically pleasing procedure, that saves the infected tooth from extraction, keeping your smile looking flawless. Perfect!


A high quality root canal will stay with you for the rest of your life, ensuring that there are no further infections or issues with the tooth.

Many of our patients have root canals with our team, and, trust us, it can be a real smile saving procedure!