Have you heard root-canals are painful? 5 myths about endodontics dispelled by Chelsea Green Dental

In dentistry, there are few procedures more disliked than endodontics, or to use the more common term, the root canal.

While this procedure is beneficial for preserving a tooth that has recently been infected, few dental patients are eager to undertake it, due to myths they have heard about its long-term effectiveness. Indeed, some patients would rather have the afflicted tooth removed altogether!

But of course, this is not always a viable option, particularly in relation to cosmetics; if your infected tooth was at the front of your mouth, then having it removed will be noticeable and may lead to bacterial accumulation. Yikes!

But if you are wary about having a root canal performed, don’t be. Our team at Chelsea Green Dental can talk you through any concerns you have about this procedure. Our dentist in Chelsea is experienced in performing this rather simple procedure, and can guarantee that your restored tooth will look a lot better than a gap! Not only that, but your restored tooth will also be stronger than it was previously, meaning you will be able to bite into the toughest of foods without issue. Brilliant!

But what are some of the more common myths about root-canals? Our dentist in Chelsea provides the truth behind the myths below. Enjoy!

Root canals hurt

This myth comes from a by-gone era when most dental procedures caused some high degree of discomfort.

However, prior to undertaking your root canal, our dentist in Chelsea will ensure that the tooth and surrounding gum is numbed. Once over, you may experience a minor feeling of bruising under the tooth, but this will fade in time. Actually, if you need a root canal due to an infection, this procedure is much more likely to reduce discomfort!

Root canals make you ill

Once again, this myth originates from a time when dentistry was in its infancy.

Modern-day techniques will always aim to make you feel better and so, having a root canal performed by our team at Chelsea Green will certainly not cause illness.

Extractions are better

No, they aren’t.

Due to a mixture of cosmetic and functionality issues, a dental extraction is worse than a root canal. A root canal restores your tooth, so you are able to bite into food without issue- if the tooth is removed, this will prove more difficult and will not be as aesthetically pleasing.

Root canals take too long

Not true!

Depending on the tooth that requires the root canal, you can expect to only be in the dental chair for up to 3 hours, usually spread over 2 appointments.

While this may seem long, it is worth it to have a dental restoration with such cosmetic appeal!

A root canal involves removing the tooth’s root

We can understand this myth as it is implied in the name!

However, our team will not remove the root of your tooth but will remove the infected pulp and fill the gap that is leftover. The nerve of your tooth will remain fully intact too. Perfect!