General dentistry treatments from a dentist in Chelsea

There is a common saying about living and being healthy that is often passed around nowadays that goes “prevention is better than cure.” This means that it is better to stop a problem from developing rather than allowing it to happen and trying to pick up the pieces afterwards. This is a statement that rings true for many different areas of life. Take a car for example; it is better to take good care of your car and make sure that it is well oiled and maintenanced so that it does not break down, rather than waiting for it to break down and then trying to fix it. This is because finding the ‘cure’ to a problem is often considerably more difficult than preventing it in the first

The same principle is true for our bodily health and fewer better examples than with our dental health. After all, making sure your teeth are strong and healthy has both health and cosmetic benefits. However, regardless of whether or not any given person’s dental health is “ideal” or not, it can be useful for them to consult with a dentist in Chelsea to see if there are any treatments available to them which could potentially improve their dental health. In fact there are quite a few different kinds of dental treatment that a dentist in Chelsea may be able to perform for a patient, both to prevent a dental emergency from occurring and to help them when and if a dental emergency does occur. In this article we’ll take a look at the different types of general dental treatment available from a dentist in Chelsea and explain how they can be used to improve a patient’s dental health.

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Examples of general dentistry

Two examples of general dentistry are fillings and crowns. Effectively, dental fillings work by replacing a part of the tooth which has been eroded – usually because of tooth decay. A dental crown on the other hand is a small cap which is placed over a broken or damaged tooth in order to restore the tooth’s strength and shape. They can also be used to protect teeth from decay and for cosmetic reasons such as to cover teeth that are misshapen or discoloured. There are a few different types of crowns that can be used to cover teeth, including ones made of metals, ceramic or resin. Modern fillings also tend to be made of resin as well, though there are also some other options for fillings that are made out of silver amalgam.