Enjoy cleaner, healthier teeth with your dentist in Chelsea

Dental hygiene is an important aspect of oral health care that you can perform both at home and with your dentist in Chelsea. Preventative care is one of the true forms of dentistry that we are able to see long lasting results from, as there is no better cure than preventing the issue in the first place. Even if you do require treatment, we aim to make sure that we can help you to the best of our ability.

Because of this, we recommend our preventative care strategies to all of our patients to make sure that you know and understand the importance of an excellent at home oral health care routine. Our professionals are able to help you go one step further by professionally cleaning your teeth, inspecting them for any signs of disease and decay, and offering guidelines and tips that help you to maintain an appropriate level of oral health so that you can enjoy all of the benefits that come along with it.

In regards to children’s oral health care, your dentist in Chelsea is only too excited to teach in imaginative and fun ways how to brush teeth and the importance of doing so. It is so critical that you introduce your child to us at an early age so that we are able to establish these good habits early on.

We have also discovered that by frequently visiting a dentist in Chelsea, children are less likely to develop an inhibiting fear which can lead to many complications late on in life. By keeping calm yourself in regard to any dental visits, you can help your child to manage their understandable fear of the unknown and to develop a wonderful positive relationship with their oral health care provider.

With education, preventative treatments and a little extra helping hand every so often, both your child and yourself can benefit from healthy, strong teeth that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Why is having healthy teeth so important?

It is only when the health of your mouth deteriorates or you begin to lose teeth do you really realise how important they actually are. Sometimes, this realisation is too little too late. While restorative treatments can restore your teeth back to a limited functionality, meaning that your mouth will be compromised for life. It is devastating to see young children’s adult teeth come through and then need fillings or even need to be removed early on in life. Prevention tactics can help teeth to last for longer.

There have been links to gum disease and heart disease, strokes and diabetes. Missing teeth can not only have self esteem issues tied to them but nutritional complications as well. So by brushing your teeth and flossing them twice a day, reducing your intake of sugary foods and making sure that you come in to visit us at least twice a year for a check up and a clean, you are taking very simple steps to ensure that your smile remains strong and healthy for as long as possible.