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Good dental hygiene is vital in eliminating gum disease and preventing decay which can eventually lead to tooth loss. Our highly trained dental hygienist will work with you to ensure healthy gums, fresh breath and outstanding oral health.

Whilst your hygiene regime at home is essential, some parts of the mouth are difficult to reach and certain staining impossible to remove . Regular dental hygiene treatment is vital in preventing stain and tartar build up which can lead to gingivitis and gum disease.

Our hygienist at Chelsea Green Dental who is also a dental therapist will also give you advice and tips about your daily maintenance routine so that you can keep breath fresh and your gums in superb condition. As she is a therapist , she is able to give local anaesthetic if necessary to make your scale and polish more comfortable. As a therapist she is also able to carry out small procedures for children and adults and in fact our hygienist at Chelsea Green specialises in hygiene for children so that good habits are started at a young age. She is very gentle which is also wonderful for nervous patients or those with sensitive teeth.

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What our clients say

I visited Chelsea Green last week for my first hygienist appointment - Janie did a great job and I was extremely happy with the results. The practice is lovely and so is Alice. I will definitely be returning.


Anna Maciag is a Brilliant Dental Surgeon. The combination of Anna and Ovaldir Junior is unbeatable! Three years ago I had a tooth implant (100% success) Last month I returned to have two difficult back teeth extracted. I was DREADING IT! No Problem. No Pain. I insisted in not having antibiotics. I didn't even take pain killers - just regular salty water mouth washing. Two weeks later completely healed. Now for another implant. What more can you ask of a professional practice. THANK YOU ANNA.

Hallam Murray

The treatment I receive at Chelsea Green Dental is absolutely first class. I trust Dr Maciag and her team.


I have been seeing Janie for my hygiene appointments for the last 2 years. My teeth have never felt so clean and looked as white. I have been to other practices in the same area but no other hygienist compares in my opinion. She is very caring and reassuring if you are feeling nervous. She takes the time to explain everything in detail. Coming to see her at Chelsea Green has been the calmest and most enjoyable experience. The practice smells gorgeous and the staff are very friendly. The surgery is brand new with a very comfortable chair and a beautiful view of the living wall in the garden. Would definitely recommend!

Krissa Shore

A prime example of what a visit to the dentist should be like. The practice itself is lovely, impeccably clean and feels very welcoming. Having been referred to Anna for an extraction of a broken tooth with an abscess requiring surgery, I was definitely not expecting the experience to be as painless and pleasant as it was. Towards the end of the procedure I almost found myself dozing off in their incredibly comfortable chair. Following the procedure, aftercare was easy and straight forward; I experienced next to no pain or discomfort and it all seems to be healing well. Thank you very much Anna, Junior and Alice for your excellent care!

Roman Wojtyna

Welcoming & Professional