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Dental implants are normally the best way to replace teeth that are missing, or beyond repair. Made of titanium, they are inserted into the bone, and once in place they are used to provide a stable and strong support for replacement teeth.

Why replace missing teeth?

Not having all of your teeth can not only affect your confidence but also affects how well you chew, and what foods you are able to eat. Other teeth can move , changing your bite which can lead to problems with your jaw joints.

Implant supported teeth are as close as possible to natural teeth, and if they are looked after can often last a lifetime. They allow you to eat all the foods you like, and are easy to keep clean and floss. They can be positioned without affecting other healthy teeth unlike certain bridges. They are also fixed in place unlike dentures which need to be removed at night.

What happens during dental implant surgery?

Under a local anaesthetic a titanium screw is placed in the jaw and it takes 10 weeks for implants to glue to the bone. A crown is then fitted which emerges from the gum and looks like your missing tooth.

At Chelsea Green Dental we are also providing "All on Four" treatment which is a unique way of replacing all the teeth in the jaw. As the name suggests only four implants are required which is very cost effective and useful if there is only limited bone left in the jaw.

For more information please watch our video walk-through of the procedure below.

Anna Maciag also specialises in bone grafting both in the sinus regions and around the front of the mouth if bone has been lost due to infection or trauma . Usually theses treatments are carried out at Chelsea Green Dental under local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation.

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What our clients say

I can highly recommend the Chelsea Green Practice after a difficult but successful wisdom tooth extraction. Professional, skilful, kind and approachable team. The procedure was well explained with lots of detail on my request and I felt very reassured. Dr Anna Maciag and Ovaldir Cavargo made it bearable with their confident approach and human touch.

I've been trying to write this review for a while but it has been difficult to find the right words to express my feelings. I went to see Dr Anna Maciag a year ago at the her previous surgery where she used to work. My dentist referred me to see her, after I had been told by another specialist in oral surgery that he couldn't do anything for me, except to suggest another denture. I had a crown that needed to be replaced or removed, and also, from a young age I have been wearing a denture as I have some missing teeth and the bone was quite thin. Anna saw the X-ray which was done by the above specialist and in her opinion she thought it was possible to do something. So after some graft, a cantilever bridge and implants and the construction of porcelain bonded crowns, time and money, I have new teeth. I am able to smile with confidence, do sporting activities like swimming (snorkel), bite an apple, etc. In other words I got a new life. During the time of the treatment I never felt uncomfortable in front of her and her assistant. Without her professional experience and kindness, I would still be wearing a denture. I am very grateful to Anna.

Isabel Mahoney

Fantastic service!

Andy Curd

Being a very phobic patient, Annna was amazing, very warm caring and gentle nature. I was referred to her to have a Wisdom removed, she used intravenous sedation & I can't remember a thing. I was extremely anxious and panicky but she got me through it. Healing has been straightforward & hardly any pain. 10 /10 brilliant

Issy Willa

I'd never been to see a hygienist before and I had Janie who was really gentle and gave great advice. My teeth are now sparkling as a result. The practice was easy to find and the staff were all friendly. Definitely recommend!

Karolina Bzikot

Welcoming & Professional